Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Fort York Condo

The up-and-coming Fort York Condo neighbourhood has many of the elements that buyers are looking for.   Surveys have shown the buyers prefer walkable, bikable neighbourhoods with access to world-class public transit.

Here are 10 Reasons to Buy a Fort York Condo:

1. Excellent Public Transit:  The Fort York Condo neighbourhood has two dedicated TTC Streetcar lines: the 509 Harbourfront streetcar takes you east from Fort York directly to Union Station, and the 511 Bathurst streetcar goes north from Fort York up to the Bathurst Subway Station on the Bloor line. gives the Fort York neighbourhood a Transit Score of 98/100 meaning it is a “Rider’s Paradise” with “World-Class Public Transportation.”

2. Great for Bicycle Commuting:  The bicycling infrastructure at fort york is exceptional.   You can hop onto dedicated urban bike lanes and the multi-use Waterfront Trail to taking you east and west and north. The terrain is overall generally flat and easy to ride. gives the Fort York neighbourhood a Bike Score of 93 calling it a “Biker’s Paradise, Flat as a pancake, Excellent Bike Lanes”

3. The area is Highly-Walkable: gives the fort york area a score of 88 calling the area “Very Walkable” saying “Most errands can be accomplished on foot.” There are a lot of great places nearby within a 20 minute walk

4. Easy connection to the highways:  Do you want hop in your car and travel east or west along Lakeshore Blvd, connect easily onto the Gardiner Expressway, then the Fort York neighbourhood offers you an easy commute.   Many residents who want to get in and out of the city quickly find that the Fort York area gives them the convenience they are looking for.

5. Tons of green space:  Do you like to live near parks? Do you like to go running, cycling, blading?  The Fort York neighbourhood has a vast amount of park land nearby (more than half a dozen parks and more being developed).   Also, it’s near the lake. You can walk to the lake in a few minutes. If you’re into sailing here’s a yacht club just nearby

6. The Fort York Condo neighbourhood has a Starbucks:  If you believe the studies that link the existence of a Starbucks to a neighbourhood’s desirability.

7. Fort York Condo neighbourhood is still up-and-coming:  The Fort York neighbourhood is still being built up with new amenities, new parks, a new public library and new condo buildings underway. If you are someone who wants to be capture the value early then this is the ideal time to buy before it’s all built up.

8. “Toronto Began Here:”  In the nearby vicinity of Fort York is where the earliest residents of Toronto chose to locate their settlements. Why did they chose this area? It’s because the area is a good place to be. If it was a good place for those original settlers, then it still remains a good place to be today.

9. The Fort York Condo neighbourhood has an Art-Deco sense of style:  If you look around in the neighbourhood you will see hints of early 20th century industrial character showing through in the Art Deco architecture in the area.

10. Fort York Condos are Affordable:  Compared to Liberty Village or King West, Fort York Condos have more affordable pricing.  Your dollar often goes further in the Fort York neighbourhood. For example, you may be able to get a 1 plus den in Fort York for less than you would pay for a 1 bedroom in other parts of downtown.  Contact Us by filling in the form at the side and we can show you some good values!